MB 510 NC

The MB 510 is a small and very easy to use EDM  Drill machine. But with all automatic Functions from a CNC machine without  ATC and AGC.

The MB 510 is working with an support PC. CNC programm, X, Y and Z axis are checked by the PC.

DXF Data and NC Programs direct load, EP Technology canbe checked in the detail. The Tube wear and the compensation from the parameter will be checked automatic. This is important for the drill.

The drill depth will be checked. Blind holes can be drilled. All processes can be finished about the program.


* Inexpensive like a manuel machine

The MB 510 is perfect because the price. The price is like a manuel machine but we have almost the power like an CNC machine.

* 3phases pump and conductivity-check

A 3phases power connection is better than 2 phases.
The head pump has a strong 3 phases engine.
The other pump is for the second filter.
The third pump is for conductivity.
The EDM drilling machine has a conductivity sensor to check and control the
pump for a perfect result.

Technical Data MB 510 NC

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