MB-Maschinen GmbH – Company's History

2022 • Takeover of MB Maschinen GmbH from orangedental GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach an der Riss.
• New EDM drilling machine designed and manufactured with automatic switching from water to dielectric.
• Milling machine Cobra Mill desk5 equipped with new control and EtherCAT drives.
• Milling machine Cobra Mill desk51 Pro converted to EtherCAT.
2021 • Machine production switched to series.
• Milling machine Cobra Mill 5A1 developed with blank changer.
• Cobra Mill desk5 Pro milling machine with blank changer completed.
2020 • Planning and development of blank changers for Cobra Mill desk 51
2019 • Development and process creation for hybrid machining, sintering and milling, dental
• Introduction of new controller for milling and EDM drilling with WIN10
• Entry into the dental research project
• Further development of the FSM X6
2018 • Further development of the Cobra Mill desk51 to the wet machine
Development of an automatic adjusting and alignment unit
for all 5-axis machines (registered utility model)
New development of a small milling grinder with integrated
automatic block and preform changer
2017 • New 6axis control for drilling machines
• ISO 9001 certification
• Introducing new small milling machine desk51
• New in the delivery programm COBRA Modul 6050 CNC
2016 • Jobmanager for all OSAI control
• New materials for Dental
• Indroducing new small milling machine desk5
• Indroducing new DLP 3D-Printer
• Dental academy opened
2015 • New 5axis OSAI control for milling machines
• EDM-Drilling Machine MB 8000 CNC with swivel axis new in the product range
• EDM-Drilling Machine MB 530 CNC with A & B axis in the product range
2014 • MB in cooperation with Wintop opens a new production plant for dental milling machines, 3D-printers and dental scanners on 1500 m² at Dongguan having a capacity of 15 machines of all model ranges.
• Simultaneously, a training center was inaugurated with capacity for 30 people
2014 • NEW COBRA Mill 48 with a new control system
• Generating of milling strategies and connection geometries.
• COBRA Mill 58 – Upgrading to wet aplication
2013 • WorkNc becomes a partner of MB machines with its dental CAM system
• Development of COBRA Mill 5 G to Mill 58 including a new design.
• Unified design of the product line
2012 • Development Cobra Mill 5A to Cobra Mill 5A1. Automatical switch for wet and dry processing.
• Development of an 6-axis pattern drilling machine
• Development of a cero point clamping system for models with model slugs (patented)
2011 • Presentation of a 5-axis milling machine Cobra Mill 58 for model manufacturing.
• Presentation of a high-speed 4-axis milling machine Cobra Mill 4G
2008 • New development of 5-axis milling machines for dental aplication
2007 • New development of a EDM-drilling machine Cobra Modul 8060 CNC for a workpiece weight of 2t, 40-times tube changer and autom. control of flows
2006 • Presentation EDM-drilling with autom. switch from water to dialectric
2005 • Presentation special machine spark erosion for workpieces of 60 t
• Presentation spark erosion machine with measuring record edition
2000-2004 • New development of swiveling drilling head
• New development of turn axis and swivel axis
• Presentation of a new generation of start-hole machines Cobra-BA Modul 1
1991-1999 • Presentation of the first CNC-start-hole drilling machine „Cobra-B Port
CNC“ with fully automatic guide and tube changers and water bath
• Development of Cobra-B Port (portal machine)
• Development and manufacturing of the first NC start-hole machine Cobra-B1 NC
• Development Cobra-B1, the hugest start-hole machine on the market
1990 • Foundation of MB Maschinenhandel GmbH (machine trading company)
• Cooperation with topedm (Taiwan)
• Starting trade of sink-erosion and start-hole drilling machines
1983-1989 • 3D-construction for the automotive industry

Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen,...

• Design of several programs
• Technical consulting for electrical erosion
• Service and training for EDM machines
• Constuctions with CAD – 3D
• Start with CAD – 2D
1983 • Independent design office in mechanical engineering