MB Production- / Presentation-Center

Right next to our office and administration building in Biebergemünd Bieber is our production facility with two premises.

One serves as a workshop and electrical workshop, with appropriate equipment and our warehouse. The second room contains the basic selection of some of EDM drilling machines, milling machines, R & D and technical service department.

For those interested, Machining demonstrations of our EDM machines and machining centers takes place here.

New and existing customers will receive both technical and software training by our professional and experienced staff.

Do you want a training, further education or demonstration?
We are happy to arrange a timely appointment.

MB Maschinen GmbH
Büchelbach 11

D-63599 Biebergemünd-Bieber

Tel. +49 6050 8702




Opening Education Center O-CADEMY

April 25 – 27. 2024

at orangedental GmbH & Co. KG,

D-8400 Biberach/Riss
Aspachstraße 11