MB-Maschinen GmbH - Model System

MB-Maschinen GmbH - Technical information model system

The basis of the MB model system is an incorporation of the printed models or the model of the blanks.
The production of a model with a zero clamping system gives you the ability to mill quickly and accurately models.
The system can be used on all machines of MB.

By the cross centering on roles and a 3-point support, a reproduction of the position in μ range is possible. The model can be put back into the machine at any time, as well with the same precision, the model can be used in an articulator and a scanner.

If a wrong direction has been entered when creating the program, the blank can be rotated exactly 90°, 180 ° or 270 °.

Model contour blanks

There is a huge variety of milling blanks, in these blanks centering is already incorporated.
After the first insertion, the precision is already given.
By the special shape of the blanks, only the essential contours must be milled,
the milling time is reduced to a minimum.
The height optimization is achieved in the CAD and by the CAD program.

Milled and printed models

With a low-cost 3D printer, models can be printed and then inserted into the zero clamping system. Now the model can be re-milled at its important points.
Likewise milled models of PU can be at anytime inserted into the holder and refinished.
Also, after preparation of a drilling template, these can be reinserted into the milling machine and then the bores can be introduced.