Products MB Maschinenbau GmbH INDUSTRY

Products MB Maschinen GmbH for INDUSTRY

In this product range you will find solutions for your tasks.
Benefit from product innovations and get with MB machine developments safety for your productive manufacturing.
Whether for single or prototype production, small / medium series or mass production.
Users from many industries provide the precision, speed, reliability and efficiency of
MB machine high demands, and for more than 25 years, they can rely on it exactly.
This applies to the tool and mold making as well as for areas where small holes have to be drilled
for the aviation industry with their wings and turbines, over purpose built erosion machines for
polishing of glass molds to manufacture the finest ribs in hard metal.



MB offers a wide range of equipment for:

EDM Drillingmachines, manuel, NC and CNC controlled, Spark Erosion Machines,
Mill- and processingcenter and special machines.

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