The small CNC machine placed on your desk –  COBRA Mill desk 51

Technical Data:  
Travel X- axis 125 mm
Travel Y- axis 140 mm
Travel Z- axis 110 mm
Travel A- axis +/- 30 Grad
Travel B- axis 360 Grad
Blankholder 1 Ronde 100 mm
Heavy- duty guide 15 mm
Ball screw 16x5 mm
Feed rate max. 3.000 mm/min
Rapid traverse speed max. 5.000 mm/min
Repeatability (lt)0,02 mm
Automatical tool lenght measurement +/- 0,01 mm
HF milling spindle dia. 33 60.000 U/min Pmax. 210 Watt
HF milling spindle dia. 33 (option) 60.000 U/min Pmax. 910 Watt
Tool diameter max. 3,0 mm
Number of tools max. 8 Stück
PC for input and display Win7 (32bit)
Screen integrated Touch 8“
Control MB-MCS Multi Controller
Machine weight (90 kg) 70 kg
Machine set up measure 520 x 550 x 540 (750) mm
Dimensions in brackets are for machines with wet option

1110/230 Volt, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase/MP/NP Mains fluctuations max. +/- 5%
secured with min. 1x16A fuse

Air pressure:
Cleaned and dry air min. 6,5 bar / Consumption max. 200 L/min.

Lubricatio of axis:
Lubricating greas for long time librication for LM guides

Wet equipment

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